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Our background

The principal person behind Time to Treat is Roy Wilson

Roy Wilson was born in 1932 at Longton, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

Went to Longton High School, left with Art, History, Geography, English Language and Literature, French and Biology.

In 1949 joined the Post Office Engineering Department as an apprentice. Did National Service as a lecturer in Radio.

In 1965 promoted to Assistant Executive Engineer at Kidderminster. In 1969 started an electronics company, Wilson Electronic Controls, doing design and manufacture for many British Companies. Took early retirement form BT as an Executive Engineer to run my business on a full time basis. My eldest son now runs the business with myself as a consultant.

1999 trained as a Bowen Therapist, qualifying in January 2000. 2001, qualified as a Reiki practitioner. (Click here for Time To Heal - Roy's Reiki Therapy web site.)

Married in 1952, having three sons and four grandchildren. Divorced, and met Anita my present wife in 1985.

Details of Roy's approach to treatments and the philosophy underpinning it


Prices available on application, and are per session rather than time related, (then we can both relax if I feel that a longer treatment would be beneficial to you).

There may be a discount for OAPs, people on benefit, and people who have reduced income due to their condition.

Number of:

You will only be booked in for the one session, I will telephone you only once, after five days, to discuss your response and to see if you would like another treatment.


Anytime, weekends, bank holidays, emergencies more or less on demand.


Your place, or mine.


Ladies to wear bra and panties, (not ski pants), and if you prefer, two light garments, one for your top half and the other for the other half.

Gentlemen, to wear a pair of underpants and / or shorts.

You will be kept covered by two bath towels and a small towel. It would be helpful if you were to bring your own towels, this means that you are not sharing towels, and helps to keep our costs down.


I work within your available time, however I usually require two hours, with half an hour recording your medical history, the remainder being taken up with the treatment.


It is not recommend that you stop taking either prescribed drugs or homoeopathic remedies. However please write down and bring with you the names of any medication that you are taking or have recently taken.

Mixed therapies.

I would not be able to treat you if you had had any invasive

treatment such as, chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture within the last seven days. Do not mix and match therapies, you will not know which is giving any benefit, also, there can be a conflict with mixing therapies. The session.

There is a question and answer part when the technique will be explained.

Then details, (in confidence), of your condition, its possible causes, treatments and medication. This will take about 30 minutes. An advantage of this is that this gives us an opportunity to understand more about each other.

I then ask if you want to continue with the session or prefer to make an appointment some other time, (it is important that you are comfortable with the therapy and myself). There is no charge if you decline to continue.

The Treatment.

The Bowen Technique is a whole body or holistic therapy; it is tailored to your age, physique and condition. There is no induced pain during the treatment, basically, what I aim to do is to release the restrictions that are preventing you from self-healing.

I keep detailed notes of the specific moves and your response; I then have a record of your treatment for future reference.

I will explain the first four moves, after which I tend to work in silence.

For the first part of the treatment you will be lying face down, or however you are comfortable, whilst the thirty body balancing moves are applied.

The most important part of the technique are the rest periods after every four moves, giving your body and mind time to respond to, and accept, the subtle and gentle Bowen moves. I tend to reduce the duration of the rest periods for highly active people to prevent them from becoming bored. However, during the final sequence on the back I usually find that the recipient is breathing more slowly, shallowly, is more relaxed and accepting of the therapy. I then alter the pace of the treatment as appropriate, this is the acquired skill of the experienced therapist, and why time is the essence of the Bowen Technique.

You will then lie face upwards for the completion of the body balancing.

These moves over the body will have given me some insight into your muscular/skeletal system, (say, an inwards-turned foot, a projecting rib, a tight point within a muscle etc.). To give a whole-body release these areas will be addressed along with your specific areas of discomfort.

Response to the treatment.

This varies from person to person, you may feel tingling, warmth, and as the pain eases, a need to sleep. As this is beneficial to you I would leave you to sleep.

After, you may feel lethargic, or have a burst of energy.

Your condition may immediately improve or you may respond over several days.

After a day, the parts that have ached may ache again, and then recover, or, parts that have never ached may ache, and then recover, as the body re-adjusts.

I do not give definitive diagnoses, though I might venture an opinion as to possible causes.

You will be given a leaflet which explains the above in more detail.


I commenced training in April 1999 and qualified in January 2000. The case notes, and my experience of having administered 573 treatments on 350 patients from January 2001 to July 2005 are being compiled into a booklet, 'Bowen Technique - A Therapist's Notebook', with extracts being published on this web site.

Many patients came to Bowen Therapy as a last resort. Their complaints often had not been alleviated by other treatments, conventional or otherwise. Some had to learn to live with their condition or resort to a regime of painkillers. Their quality of life was often reduced by the restrictions that their affliction placed on them. Some of the conditions presented have bordered on the extreme. It is due to the genius of Tom Bowen, that Bowen Technique has been able to help so many people.

Click here for Time To Heal - Roy's Reiki Therapy web site.

Click here for a bibliography of some of the reading that has inspired our work.


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