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Alex Haines Case Notes

Generally most of my clients after trying the technique a couple of times report an increased sense of well being, more energy and less pain.

Anecdotal evidence from some of my recent work:

Baby – One Week Old – Suffering infant colic

One treatment followed by baby sleeping for four hours, all symptoms gone.

(This baby was in fact my nephew – coming from a family with a medical background, I initially experienced great scepticism, the young child's reaction to the treatment was very marked, there is nothing worse than an infant screaming from the affects of infant colic.)

Young lady with whiplash - suffered for twenty years with symptoms of neck, shoulder, and back pain.

After several treatments all symptoms where gone, and also menstrual cycle problems which had been experienced throughout, ceased. The lady had been considering a hysterectomy, she now hopes to go on to have children.

Boy of ten suffering headaches, leg and back pain.

Nothing abnormal diagnosed after many investigations.

Two treatments, all symptoms gone. Child able to play his beloved football again.

Lady suffering migraines for thirty years.

After several treatments headaches became much less severe.

She commented "I now don't have to spend two to three days each month in bed. And I achieved much more in my life"

Lady horse rider – After riding accident.

Three treatments later able to get up on the horse and ride it without pain.

Young man having experienced a stroke.

After three to four treatments coordination and balance where much improved and he was able to open his jaw again, so much so his dentist "What have you been doing? It is now so much easier to treat you"

Lady golfer experiencing elbow problems.

Feedback after two treatments : "I feel so much more balanced and coordinated, And my tennis/golfer elbow problems have improved significantly. Thank you, For all your help"

Eighty-four year old lady suffering from severe digestion problems and a frozen shoulder.

Three treatments later, no frozen shoulder problems and digestion so much improved leaving her able to "...go out for meals again without being embarrassed."

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